Font to do list

February 4th, 2014


So much to do. So little concentration.

Rough to smooth

January 8th, 2014


It’s almost 4 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep last night and this happened. I’m not sure this is the way to go. I love the roughness of the original because it really reads ‘handwritten.’ I think the smoother you make the outlines on a handwritten font the less personality it retains. Maybe I’ll release both versions. My eyes hurt. I should probably go to bed but now I’m craving fries.

A bad hobby for perfectionists

January 8th, 2014


Work is never done. I been working on and off on this font for, what, 3 years now? It will never be done. At one point late last year I thought it was done. But no. I was browsing online for new fonts and I felt, I don’t know if it’s inspiration or jealousy or anxiety, maybe a mix of all three. That feeling of incompetence when you compare your work to other people’s. Font design is a dangerous hobby for perfectionists. There will always be a node that can be nudged by a hair here and there for the glyph to look better or a whole stroke that would look better angled differently.

This is the second reason I work only on handwritten fonts. The forms are more forgiving because the rules are less rigid. (The main reason is ‘coz I’m lazy to produce “real” fonts.)¬†Then I realized that most of these rules are arbitrary and you can raise or lower the bar on your own work infinitely. You would think these realizations are freeing. In my case, you would be wrong. Wherever I set that bar there is always that voice in the back of my head that tells me I can do better. This in itself is not a bad thing. That problem lies in determining how much better the work can get. This vagueness gives me anxiety. There is no perfect model out there with which I can hold my work up to and feel relieved. At some point you just have to say “it’s done”. There is no ‘ding’ or a ribbon. You just walk away.

Maybe next year.


January 8th, 2014


I turned 30 on Dec. 29. Can’t believe it’s been a year since I blogged. I have way too much free time lately but I have a hard time concentrating. When I’m reading an ebook I think about working on a font. When I’m working on a font I think about watching Netflix. When I’m ¬†watching Netflix I think about listening to the radio. When I’m listening to the radio I think about grocery shopping.



29 on the 29th

January 6th, 2013


Spent my birthday sick in Kentucky. I don’t know how this tasted but it looked good! I’m blogging from my new Chromebook. It is a bitch to get files on here and edit on the cloud but I’ll get used to it.


Night scene – apartment complex

December 16th, 2012


Apartment complex at night

December 16th, 2012



June 26th, 2012


i can’t be bothered to cook these days. i was hungry earlier and i put this together. imitation crab, salt, mayonnaise, togarashi seasoning. it was okay.

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June 23rd, 2012


My votes

April 19th, 2012