Black and Red Geta

tengu geta with red straps

The straps snapped a few weeks ago. I miss wearing this geta. Oh, the memories. Hurting my feet, falling outside a breakfast restaurant, not being able to walk up inclines, the blisters. Ahehehe. Some comments I’ve gotten while wearing these:

Overheard behind me at a thrift store: “Whoo, that’s hot! Brianna, look at his shoes!”

“Is that for exercising your calves?”

“How do you balance? That’s crazy!”

“Wow. Have you fallen?”

With a confused look: “Excuse me, sir. What are those?”

To his buddies: “Look, look. Man, that’s radical.” To me: “Hey, where’d you get those?”

Lady who stopped her car: “That’s cool!”

2 Responses to “Black and Red Geta”

  1. kleppers Says:

    Great pair of geta! Too bad they are broken. You should repair them!
    They look very much like a pair of my own home made sandals and I get the same type of comments :-D

  2. kleppers Says:

    Oops, I forgot the link to my YouTube site…

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