Heelless shoes

heelless shoes a la noritaka tatehana

My pair of heelless leather shoes a la Noritaka Tatehana. I had these shoes made during my vacation in the Philippines last month. I’m 7 inches taller with these babies on. People ask me all the time how I walk in them. They look heavy and difficult to walk in but they’re neither. I just love these shoes! Guess how much I paid to have these made. US $60. If you have any questions just leave it in the comments and I’ll answer them.

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  1. shanie ghurl Says:

    uhm i’m from philippines here in pangasinan yeah inow noritaka but if i want to make me a pink noritaka so where i go to make my design?

  2. shanie ghurl Says:

    do u hav factory?

  3. admin Says:

    Hi shanie ghurl! I don’t have a factory. I went to the public market and asked around for a cobbler who can custom make these for me. I was lucky enough to find a shoemaker who agreed to make them. It took a lot of convincing because they didn’t think it was possible, hehe. I suggest looking for a local shoe maker first. Bring pictures because it’s not easy to describe this kind of shoe without visuals. Good luck!

  4. karl leuterio Says:

    omg… pls tell me where

    !! i need them!

  5. feedmink Says:

    ayy ako rin gusto ko nito!

  6. scarletfrei Says:

    hi there! ask ko lng.. anung material ung platform nian? is that wood? if ever anung size nung wood.. panung process ba to? ung mismong shoe maker na lahat lahat gumawa? or chop chop i mean seperate ung pinagawan mo ng platform sole.. i found a shoe maker and kailangan ko nlng as of now is the wood for the platform. tnx :D you inspired me

  7. admin Says:

    hi scarletfrei!
    The platform is made of very dense foam layers with a rubber sole. I don’t recommend wood because of the direct impact on the ball of the foot. I’ve tried a prototype platform made entirely of wood before. The lack of cushion makes for a very uncomfortable shoe. You will get blisters with a wooden platform in this design. I’ll make a separate entry to give you more details. Keep checking back on the blog. Thanks!

  8. scarletfrei Says:

    oh nice tnx!!!

  9. Joe Says:

    Hello, I wanted to know how you got these made for $60. I’ve contacted the maker and they said it would cost me around $14,000 due to being custom made because I only want them in 1inch. What would you recommend for me because I just have to have these! :)

  10. Gian Latorre Says:

    Hi! Nice Shoes!

    Could you PM me who is the one who made them? And what would i say to them? Im interested because i found it only low-priced and yet very fashionable. I really believe that FASHION DOES NOT MEAN LUXURIOUS that’s why im craving for this.

    Could you PM me everything about it and what would i say to them in case i will already have to customize one?


  11. Andrew Says:

    Can you please email me? I have found these shoes being able to buy for 200 to 450 U.S. dollars. I need to know who made these.

  12. samuel Says:

    hello:) i love noritaka iam in the u.s and i design some like his but i use wood…they r uncomfortable but u would know they wouldnt break…..if i may ask i wanted the “”lady mary”” what ladygaga wears or “”lady vase”” would the contacter be able to make these also for 60$???? please rite back asap!!!!!:)

  13. derek Says:

    how much woud it cost him to make me some lady mary heels!!

  14. derek Says:

    how much woud it cost me if i bought lady mary heels from him ..i live in the u.s

  15. Rowie Landicho Says:

    email us roweliza.shoesbags@gmail.com

  16. Yael Rusiana Says:

    Hey, where exactly in the Philippines? I need and want to have a pair of those heelless shoes. Please respond! :) THANKS.

  17. gian Says:

    where exactly in the philippines?

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