Pet fox

Thank you to this fox that, most likely, was forcibly captured and skinned so that I can wear it. My brother and I found it at an outdoor swap meet.

5 Responses to “Pet fox”

  1. MattVersace Says:

    I love the Alexander Hi-Tek sunnies too. <

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks, Matt! I wore it to a work meeting and was told to take it off! hehe

  3. MattVersace Says:

    No prob; it’s still epic win.

    But still, does the original cobbler of the heelless beauties have any way of contact? No one around here has even the slightest idea of how to make them. ):

  4. admin Says:

    OK, I will look for the business card and post it here tomorrow.

  5. MattVersace Says:

    Thank you so much. :) <3

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